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My Blog Posts will feature a lively mix of Inspiration, advice and reviews.

Inspiration: The people and places that have inspired me to travel    |    Advice: Little nuggets of personal advice which I hope will improve your travelling    |    Reviews:  Guest posts from people who have travelled with Inspiration Travel

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The Ultimate Guide to Wellness Travel

Prior to the “Great Travel Shutdown”, Wellness Travel was one of the fastest growing sectors of the travel industry.  While fly and flop holidays still remain popular, increasingly travellers were looking for a holiday with a purpose. Lockdown has focussed attention...

3 Reasons to visit West Hollywood

There are a number of great reasons to visit West  Hollywood, but to keep things manageable, I will try to focus on three particularly good reasons. I don’t want to overwhelm you with choice Unlike the other districts in LA, West Hollywood is a city, a city...

No Fly Holidays : A Highland Adventure

No Fly Holidays are getting increasingly popular as concerns around the environmental impact around flying increase. And there are a great number of options for No Fly Holidays, both in the UK and in Europe. I am going to leave aside driving and ex-UK cruise...

Three reasons to visit Antigua now

Three reasons to visit Antigua would be luxury, privacy and service. Antigua seems to excel in all three areas. It is the perfect place to choose if you are looking for a Caribbean holiday. Antigua, the Caribbean Island with 365 beaches, one for every day of the year....

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

“There is no stranger under the Cherry Tree.” It is a well known saying in Japan, and it is easy to say why, as you sit under those pink blossoms, enjoying a picnic, while throwing off the shackles of Winter. It is a time to talk, to share and to enjoy a simple, yet...

Try a cruise to the Northern Lights

It is often said about cruise holidays that there is a cruise for everyone. And that is very true, the variety of cruise ship and destination is at times almost overwhelming, and it is important to choose not just the right designation for you but the right cruise...

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