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My Blog Posts will feature a lively mix of Inspiration, advice and reviews.

Inspiration: The people and places that have inspired me to travel    |    Advice: Little nuggets of personal advice which I hope will improve your travelling    |    Reviews:  Guest posts from people who have travelled with Inspiration Travel

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Josephine Baker’s Riad

If you trying to find the best riad in Marrakaech, you probably do not have to look too much further beyond the Riad Star, otherwise known as Josephine Baker’s Riad.  Jospehine Baker’s story is an extraordinary one, from street child in St Louis, scavenging for...

February 14th: this is for lovers

February 14th: Perhaps the scariest day in the calendar. It is bad enough for spotty teenagers hoping that the postman will be dropping a card through the box. But it so much more difficult for long established couples.  When can you stop being “romantic”? You...

The Best Riad in Marrakech

The choice of accommodation in Marrakech is really between branded hotel and local Riad, and in most cases my money would be on local Riad. But why, and what is the best Riad in Marrakech? The answer to the first question is fairly straightforward. A stay in Morocco...

Travel agents in Hackney

Are there any travel agents in Hackney? A google search seems to predominantly find travel businesses that have closed. It is not much of a surprise as travel agents have more or less disappeared from our high streets as increasingly people book their holidays and...

Photography Holiday to Nepal

I recently attended a talk on an escorted photography holiday to Nepal, which was interesting, fascinating, thought provoking and inspirational. Just what you would expect from a country which hosts two of the world’s most important religions, Buddhism and Hinduism,...

River Cruises are expensive, right?

River Cruises are for old people, right? Not any more. Have a look at this programme • Design your own T Shirt • Creative Studio • Photo and movie activities • Pop up cards • Ship treasure hunts • Face painting • Sports • Pirates Day This is the kids programme on a...

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