I am very pleased to announce that I have been appointed one of the UK representatives of Detour A Fa Limited, a sales agent for overseas business development of the Shenzhen Fashion Show. The Show was established in 2000 by the Shenzhen Garment Industry Association and is perhaps the best place for Western Designers to showcase their designs for the Chinese market. While the UK and European market remains fairly stagnant, the Chinese market, especially for luxury goods remains extremely buoyant. It is driven by a fashion savvy and social media conscious younger generation.

I am particularly looking for new and fresh designers in the UK in male and female clothing, lingerie, jewellery and accessories. Casual streetwear is particularly marketable in China at present.

The service that Detour A Fa offer to designers is the best way for small designers to get into this huge market opportunity. Designers are not just offered a booth and left to their own devices. China is a difficult market for outsiders to enter, with different customs, expectations, languages, quite apart from the distance. Detour A Fa have an excellent network of connections in China, Hong Kong and in neighbouring countries. They are therefore extremely well placed to introduce designers to the right buyers before the show, and to ensure that those buyers are going to the show well prepared to meet those designers with a view to doing business with them. They are on hand during the show to assist. After the show, Detour A Fa can assist in the financial, legal, marketing aspects that will arise when doing business in China. This might be by way of exporting to China, or arranging a distribution partner, or even setting up a manufacturing base in China.

Detour A Fa will also advise if they think that they will be unable to assist a particular designer.


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