Are there any travel agents in Hackney? A google search seems to predominantly find travel businesses that have closed. It is not much of a surprise as travel agents have more or less disappeared from our high streets as increasingly people book their holidays and travel online. 

However, there is a growing army of travel agents working from home or hot desking from caf├ęs and other local working places. Most homeworkers will work under a franchise which will be fully protected under ABTA rather than applying for an ABTA registration on their own. The Franchise gives homeworkers access to a huge number of suppliers, special offers and support. This support is invaluable for customers when, for example, a major supplier (such as Monarch and Thomas Cook) fails. These are the well  known failures but there are a host of smaller companies that fail every year. The best franchise companies have the resources and experiences to deal with this sort of issue with as little inconvenience to their customers as possible, booking return flights for those already travelling and using their buying power to negotiate similar arrangements for those yet to travel.

Anthony Kingsley @ Not Just Travel is one of a handful of travel agents in Hackney working as a Homeworker. Not Just Travel is one of the largest franchises and is part of Hays Travel, which has recently taken over all of the Thomas Cook shops.

One of the most important reasons for relying on a local travel agent is that you can talk to me about the holiday that you want, either by telephone or in person.  You might not want to spend the time yourself researching the best hotel and flight combination, or you might find the tripadvisor or google reviews misleading. You might want advice on what to do when you are away. Perhaps you would like access to difficult places to locate. 

Special offers

I also receive special offers available only to travel agents. It is important to note that these are offers that the suppliers want to make and are usually made on dates that are outside school holidays. If you would like details of any special offers, why not subscribe to my email list. 

I regularly attend training events provided by suppliers and work hard to maintain good connections with them. This keeps me up to date with travel trends and provides the inspiration in Inspiration Travel. 

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