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Marrakech has been exerting its pull on Western tourists for hundreds of years, but by the late 1960s was an essential stopover on the new Hippy trail. It combined the exotic history of North Africa and spiritual enlightenment with a plentiful supply of hashish. What more could any self respecting hippy ask for?

The essence of Marrakech is captured in the Graham Nash song, Marrakech Express, written in 1967, following a ride by Nash from Casablanca to Marrakech, moving from 1st class, which he found boring, to third class where “everything was happening”.  But while the lyrics tell of animals and snake charmers everywhere, they also hint at something else.

“Sweeping cobwebs from the edges of my mind. Had to get away to see what we could find.”

Details Of Our Package

Our long weekend break in this Red City will certainly blow away the cobwebs and lead you through a kaleidoscopic experience of sound, sights, smell, touch and taste…. And all without any of the local hashish!

There is far too much to do in Marrakech to cover everything in a few days. Our tour is designed to immerse you in the Moroccan experience. Accommodation is in a Riad, a typical Moroccan style of accommodation, based on the design of a Roman villa with a central courtyard surrounded by high walls. This gives privacy but also helps to keep the building cool.

The 18 souks of Marrakech provide an incredible shopping experience with their maze of alleyways, selling everything from pottery to copperware, leather and textiles to spices. Music, street food, snake charmers and everything else from the Marrakech express will provide unforgettable memories.

Our tour includes a guided tour through the souks. The guide is not just to help you find your way, but also to ensure that your haggling skills are up to scratch. You will be assisted in buying the right spices for the next part of the experience, a cooking lesson to provide a  typical three course meal. Imagine going home and preparing an authentic Moroccan meal with fresh spices collected by you from the local souk!

Our third and final day includes optional trips to Atlas mountains or visits to any of the marvellous gardens or palaces or museums, or a trip around the 12 miles of wall around the Medina, built from a distinctive red clay which gives the city its name of the Red City, or the Ochre City.

British travellers do not need a visa if travelling for tourism for up to three months, although it is important to ensure that you have an entry stamp on arrival. Our tour price includes flights, accommodation, transfers, and guided excursions and are good for single travellers as well as couples or more. For more information please use our contact page.

We do of course also provide longer and more extensive visits to Marrakech and to Morroco, including Casablanca, Fes, and the blue city of Chefchaouen. Our tours can be themed around wildlife, photography as well as general tourism.

One of our favourite hotels in Marrakech or rather 6 miles from Marrakech is the Fairmont Royal Palm.

Read more about this luxury hotel here.  It is perfect for family holidays, particularly those with golfers in the family.

Contact us to discuss this package or for all general enquiries

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