Wine Cruise on the Rhine

German wines are perhaps the most underestimated wines of the great wine producing areas. What better way to explore and experience these elegant and aromatic wines than to glide down the Rhine on board a luxury river cruiser, with fine wines and gourmet food, great excursions along the way and in the company of an expert guide.

The Rhine is perhaps Europe’s most important waterway, bordering 6 counties, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. The middle stretch is referred to ‘The Landscape of the Soul”, and of course the river flows through Wagner’s famous Ring Cycle. You will pass by The Rock of Lorelei, where legend has it that a beautiful Siren sits singing, distracting sailors so that they crash into the rocks.

Romantic castles and vineyards, medieval towns  and vibrant modern cities, mountains and waterfalls, the Rhine posseses enough wonder and magic to keep you wanting more and more. 

Will you be bewitched by the magic of the Rhine?

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Cruise up or down the Rhine?

One of the perhaps nicer problems of a Rhine Cruise is deciding which cruise to take. There is a huge choice. Do you start in Amsterdam and head south, or do you begin in Nurnberg and drift north? 

Do you travel for 4 days, 5, 7  or 11 days? Do you fancy taking in the Mosel as well? You can even combine River Cruise with Ocean, starting at Bergen, and heading down the Norwegian and Danish coast, before disembarking at Amsterdam and Ocean Cruise turns into River. 

There are a bewildering number of excursions that you can take, from visiting castles, to vineyards, museums to cathedrals. 

Will your ideal cruise have a theme? Music, culture, wine and gastronomy, history and hiking, or will you just enjoy the comforts of your ship, as luxurious as any five star hotel, but with a different view every morning.


I will outline a few of my favourite Rhine cruises in this website, showing the huge range and variety of cruises available.  I cannot of course provide details of every Rhine Cruise, so if there is one that I have not covered, it does not mean that it is not an excellent choice of cruise; simply that limited space limits what I can write about. 

If there is something that you think should be included in your ideal Rhine Cruise, why not contact me for some further advice. 

But most importantly of all, please use this website as inspiration to go on your first Rhine Cruise, or indeed your next Rhine Cruise.  Raise your glass and watch that Riesling (or Mosel) wine wink back at you. You are about to embark on the stuff that dreams are made of. 


More Cruise Inspiration

A perfect four day cruise from the UK would be the Saga Rendezvous in Rouen cruise, which spends February 14, 2020, Valentine’s Day in the magical city of Rouen. I can’t think of a better place to rekindle some romance! 

I’ve blogged about this offer, here

Romantic Rendezvous in Rouen

Saga is aimed at the over 50s, but there are still plenty of Seine Cruises for younger travellers, and indeed those who are not travelling for love. 

Why not ask me for more information? 


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