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Now, more than ever, we need to invest in our health and wellbeing. Wellness travel is not new, but it has developed a long way since a spartan regime at a health farm.  It is a lot more than staying in a hotel with a gym and a spa. The Wellness Tourism Assocation defines Wellness Travel as allowing “the traveller to maintain, enhance, or embrace a healthy lifestyle and to support or increase one’s sense of wellbeing.” 

When we talk about wellness travel now, we are looking at a programme which will cover a number of Wellness pillars, such as physical, nutritional, emotional and social. Wellness travel adopts a holistic approach, incorporating a number of different features and benefits into the stay rather than focusing on individual treatments or experiences. 

Nature plays an important role in a Wellness journey, even if you are staying in an Urban spa. The aim is to return from your Wellness holiday not just in better condition than when you arrived, but to know what you need to do to continue to enjoy the benefits on your return. 

There is a vast range of wellness holidays to suit every taste and every budget, from the weekend break closer to home to a week long mountain retreat in Colorado, from restful meditation and yoga in Bali to a strenous fitness camp in Slovenia. 

 Wellness destinations 

I can help you establish your wellness goals and then advise you on the best resorts and wellness destinations to help you achieve those goals.

Each region has its own distinct specialisations and processes. Bali, Thailand the Far East might focus on massage and spirituality while Scandinavia is more about Saunas and ice baths. 

We do not forget that you are on holiday so you should also enjoy the experience while you are away

Why take a wellness holiday?

There is only one reason to take a Wellness Holiday: Happiness.

Yes, the general aim is to relax and revitalise yourself, lose weight, look younger, live longer. But the end result of all of that is that you are happier. Your body feels better, both in terms of exercise and in the fuel with which you feed it. But perhaps more importantly, by adding in a mindfulness element to the holiday, you learn how to accept without passing judgement, how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. You appreciate what is important here and now. 

Yes, you can eat well at home, you can go to the gym and take walks outside, adopt a morning meditation regime and evenng yoga, but do you? Do you make time to focus on yourself and on what you need. It is so easy to get slightly overwhelmed with the day to day and put yourself at the end of the To Do list. 

And that is when you really need to take a Wellness holiday. It is time to invest in you and your wellbeing, to focus on real relaxation which brings long lasting benefits, rather than simply reading a book by the pool. 

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